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Michelle and her team In Search Of Spirit/ Rescue Team came and visited my home and at first I was very sceptical and didn't believe it was going to help in any way as nothing had previously, life had become a constant struggle with something disrupting it on a daily basis whether it be unexpected smells,noises from other rooms when no one was in them waking up constantly through the night my son pointing and talking to thin air and something constantly changing your mood, orbs everywhere and I mean everywhere strange things in photographs and videos I hated living there and the situation seemed to go from bad to worse and it was very scary and upsetting because I didn't know how to explain it to people around me without sounding crazy or people not believing what was going on if it was financially possible I would have left. Anyway Michelle came and explained what was going on that portals were open in various places in the flat and that was what was causing all my problems she closed them and moved spirit on into the light now before any of this had happened to me and I'd experienced it for myself I would of never of believed what I am writing now but with each visit I felt the difference in my home the heaviness lifted and life became normal again. She continued to help me and came back numerous times to help I even got involved in closing a portal and I felt everything as it happened I felt when the spirit was gone definitely the weirdest thing I have ever done. I have seen far too much to believe there is life after death and they are capable of a lot more than you realise but even though the things in my house never fully stopped I think due to being on ley lines and the location being very historic it did definitely improve and I truly believe that is down to Michelle so I thank her for all that she did and the help she gave me to make an awful situation especially with a young child more bearable. Highly recommend Michelle and her team.

Tacy York.


After an enlightening visit from Michelle Lee and her team  In-Search-of-Spirit Paranormal Investigators.RESCUE TEAM. My house feels like a home again. My pains decreased massively too. Highly recommended. Thanks all x

Ruth/ Bolton..


  Massive thank you to Michelle and her team. After not knowing where to turn and being a little embarrassed about my unwanted house guest I managed to get in touch with Michelle. I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people. They visited my home and were fabulous. I was really nervous but they were all very understanding and put me at ease almost instantly. My house is now peaceful after months of torment. I'm extremely grateful for that. Brightest blessings to you all.

Stacey /Wigan

Michelle Spirit psychic Medium picking up on Stacey'S friend at the home investigation. Her relative John came through, with a message that she understood.



  Hi hunni just wanted to send quick message to say before you and your team came to my house id been suffering pretty bad!! house was a living nightmare from minor things electrics turning off...doors opening n closing...footsteps etc to growling loudly behind me...constantly drained migraines nausea...being woke in the night...pinned to bed...children being very scared in the house telling me there's somebody in here...pacing around the beds mumbling n heavy breathing... far too much stuff to put in this message...since your team came Saturday night i'm still not fully sure how you managed to do what you have done...but i'm on day 2 now of feeling like i'm in a different home...its warm relaxed i feel fit as a fiddle no disturbed sleep or footsteps or growling...i want to say thank you you're amazing and after years of living with this in my home the atmosphere is completely refreshed...i don't sense/hear or feel anything've done an amazing job and me and my children are truly grateful ... so again thank you very much you're a godsend ..and what lovely friendly people you all are xx much love to you all from me n my family we can finally sleep at night xxx

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